Setting Up a Homepage Like the Demo

1. If you want the posts and pages of the demo site, you have to import the demo data first. If you just want to setup a homepage like the demo site with your own content, skip to step 2.

2. The demo site uses Sticky+Transparent navigation bar. Choose it from Pipit Options > General Settings > Navbar Style field.

3. Now let's configure the hero section.

  • Navigate to Pipit Options > Hero > Home Page.
  • Select Full Screen from Hero Style field.
  • Select Slider from Hero Type field.
  • Add background images in Background Slider field.
  • Also you can change the title/description in Title/Description fields.

4. Read this article to configure the featured posts. https://mondotheme.ticksy.com/article/7510/

5. Widgets used on the demo site: